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Rugby Town Centre
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Rugby First Customer Survey November 2013

In November 2013, 100 visitors to Rugby town centre during the day were interviewed to elicit opinions on town centre cleanliness and tidiness, crime and security, the general attitude and friendliness of town centre workers, Rugby First marketing initiatives, and visits to other towns.

A significant majority of visitors support the core initiatives of Rugby First:

  • 83% think that the Rugby Rangers are “useful” or “very useful”
  • A similar percentage – 82% - agree that the CCTV system is “useful” or “very useful”
  • Deep cleaning in the streets is supported by 79%
  • 73% agree that the marketing initiatives are “useful” or “very useful”

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Safety and Security

Around three-quarters of interviewees “strongly agree” or “agree” that;

  • The town centre is a pleasant place to visit
  • The town centre has a relaxed atmosphere
  • They feel safe in the town centre in the day




Town Centre Security and Friendliness

Replies to a second question on the security and safety of the town centre during the day suggest that a large majority feel safe. Over three-quarters (78%) rate security and safety as either "good" or "excellent".

There are 64% that feel that the general attitude and friendliness of town centre officials and shop workers dealt with is either "good" or "excellent".



Changes in the frequency of visits

Most visitors to Rugby town centre - 78% - are still visiting the town centre as frequently as they did a year ago.

In 2012, only 62% were visiting the town centre as much as they did a year ago.




Rugby First Business Survey Results


Independant Survey

Satisfaction with Overall Services

There is a very high level of satisfaction with the overall range of services offered: 91%
are "very satisfied" or "satisfied" and only 7% take the opposite view.

Core Services

The overwhelming majority of levy payers interviewed find that all four core services are either "important" or "very important" to them. Around 90% see CCTV, and deep street cleaning as "important" or "very important". Another 87% agreed that Rugby Rangers are "important" or "very important".

Levy Payment

A significant majority - 75% - would be willing to continue to pay the levy at its current level to maintain the current level of services. 7% are happy to continue to pay the levy
but would like to see the payment reduced and some services dropped. A small minority - 9% - would prefer to stop paying the levy altogether and drop all the services.

The 9% who are "don't knows" are primarily those working in businesses where their head office makes the decision. At the last election most nationals voted for the BID so
the actual result of those in favour of continuing with the current arrangement is probably over 80%.


For full results download - click here

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