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Rugby Town Centre
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Testimonial of Mr. Molden for Rugby BID Co.

Mr. Molden, Rugby

Since Rugby BID has been in place we have really noticed the change in the cleanliness of the town centre. There has definitely been a vast improvement.

Testimonial of Wendy Lamley for Rugby BID Co.

Customer, Wendy Lamley, Rugby

I like coming into the town centre in Rugby as it’s always clean and tidy. There are no signs of graffiti and chewing gum at all and I often see the cleaning team out and about.

Testimonial of Argos for Rugby BID Co.

Wendy Pinchess, Manager Argos, Rugby

The CCTV service coupled with the ShopNet/PubNet facilities is a great example of how the Rugby BID Company is really helping improve our town centre and in turn our business.  They are helping us tackle crime head on and they are really making a difference.

Testimonial of Boots Opticians for Rugby BID Co.

Patrick Astle, Boots Opticians Manager, Rugby

The Rugby BID Company has managed to improve the overall cleanliness of our town centre including removal of chewing gum and graffiti.  This can only be a good thing in helping us to attract more visitors to Rugby.

Testimonial of Costa Coffee for Rugby BID Co.

Vicky Hargreaves, Costa Coffee, Manager

The Rugby BID Company has helped support town centre trade with some fantastic events throughout the year including the St George’s Day celebrations and the summer holiday activities. It has really helped bring families and shoppers into town.

Testimonial of Walkabout for Rugby BID Co.

Will Rowe, Fever, Manager

The Rugby BID Pubnet scheme has proved to be an essential tool to help stop and prevent crime and disorder in the late night entertainment scene in Rugby, all Pubnet users with BID CCTV working together for a safer Rugby and enjoyable night out.

Carol Wadeson

Carol Wadeson, Belvoir Lettings, Chapel Street

It is reassuring to know that there is someone we can call if we have concerns be it antisocial behaviour or an issue with litter, chewing gum or graffiti etc

Mike O'Connor

Mike O'Connor, Parriss Jewellers, Regent Street

I think that because we do not see much litter, graffiti or chewing gum around Rugby Town Centre it actually encourages people to look after our town more.
Hunts Book Shop

Kelvin Hunt from Hunts bookshop agrees that ShopNet is important.

“Having direct contact with the BID team through our own radio is invaluable, particularly if staff are ever on their own. It is also a great way of communicating warnings to fellow retailers of incidents that have happened so that we can always be alert.”


Andy Barton, Jessops, Church Street

“The Rangers are a good presence on the street.  They help shoppers and workers feel safer and secure.”


Andrew Salter, Salters, High Street

“Our customers have noticed the difference since Rugby BID implemented their cleaning programmes throughout the town centre. It really makes our town a much more pleasant place to be.”

Joe Richards Greengrocers

Rugby BID makes life better for two Town Centre Medical Centres

Rugby BID worked alongside both practices to tackle their problems with youths, who were intimidating staff, setting fire to smoke bins and defacing the area. Rugby Rangers were posted in the car park before the youths arrived and helped discourage any gatherings.  Ann Cave, HR Manager from Bennfield Surgery said, “Rugby BID has helped enormously by patrolling the area and the Rangers making themselves known. We have felt well supported by them and they have given our staff a feeling of security.”

Avril Hurt, Practice Manager at Westside Medical Centre, praised the support from the BID Company.  “We have had lots of problems but with the BID, Community Police and the Radio we have managed to tackle the problem and we have all noticed the positive impact it has had.”

S Goodridge

Customer, S Goodridge from Rugby

“It’s not until you compare it to other towns that you realise how clean and tidy Rugby Town Centre is kept - you never see graffiti and the pavements are always kept clean and mess free.”

Imelda Marsden & Ranger

Rugby BID helps tackle pickpocket crime

Imelda Marsden, a shopper in Rugby, received a Cats’ Bell and she commented, “I think it is a very good idea, I have had my purse stolen and the feeling of having something personal taken away is emotional. I became suspicious of people coming close to me, but this cat bell, knowing that there is something there, gives me a bit of security. You just feel more secure and I urge others to approach the very helpful Rangers for them."

Mr D Hutt & Ranger

Mr Dave Hutt

"Rangers are very necessary"

Mrs E Colgrave & Ranger

Mrs Enid Colgrave

"I feel the Rangers are very approachable and the streets are a lot cleaner."

Mrs Greer Watkinson

"The Rangers are very friendly and approachable. The town is a better place."
Mr P Sheasby & Ranger

Mr Paul Sheasby

"I feel a lot safer on the street and the Rangers are very friendly and approachable."

Mr Carlton

Rugby Rangers Praised by Local Resident

Following a radio call from the Sandwich Bar in town to the Rugby BID control room, Rangers were alerted that a man needed medical attention straight away.  Two rangers were soon attending to Mr Carlton and an ambulance was called.  “Two Rangers came to my assistance, while one sat with me the other went to make sure the ambulance could get through to me. I couldn’t have asked for more and I was very grateful for their help,” said Mr Carlton.

Ms Sweeney

Rangers to the Rescue

“Jo was fantastic, she helped me get back to work and then to top it all off she came into my work the next day to check up on me and make sure I was ok.  This really is above and beyond the call of duty and makes the Rangers stand out as a valuable asset to our town” said Ms Sweeney. “The Rangers do a great job and I was very grateful they were around to help me. “