A dedicated cleaning team at your service providing a range of specialist cleaning services – helping to ensure the town centre is a clean place to visit, a fresh place to do business and somewhere we can all be proud of.






the Scenes
Working for You
  • A ‘Hit Squad’ that responds to your cleaning request within five minutes and tackles a range of cleaning challenges.
  • Graffiti removal from a variety of surfaces by an experienced team who also collect evidence for potential prosecutions on your behalf
  • Removal of gum as it appears on the streets and responding quickly to your requests to remove it from around your premises.
  • Regular deep cleaning of town centre block paving, bus shelters, high footfall areas, takeaways, car parks and other areas using specialised equipment to ensure the town centre is clean, welcoming and fit for purpose.
  • Work behind the scenes to keep on top of litter and dog waste and cleaning up after those who have enjoyed a late night on the town. Much of our work is carried out in the early hours so you won’t see us, just the clean streets as you arrive for work.


“We should not forget that none of the cleaning services provided by Rugby First would be delivered through Rugby Borough Council if the BID ceased to exist”