‘Talk to Santa’ this Christmas

“Ho Ho Ho I will be able to meet the boys and girls in and around Rugby and find out what they want for Christmas, thanks to the clever work of Rugby Dunsmore Rotary Club “ said Santa.

With lockdown a certainty until 2nd Dec and the likelihood of further restrictions afterwards, Rotarians from Rugby Dunsmore have devised an online method of getting children to ‘Talk to Santa’ even though they cannot visit him in person at his grotto or meet and chat if he passes by on his sleigh.

“To stay safe we have been meeting regularly on Zoom to kept in touch with each other and we have developed Project R which enables local businesses, charities and performing artists to network for free and let each other know the latest news in their world. It was clear to us that we might be able to do the same for children wanting to see Santa this year” said Mike Folly, President of Rugby Dunsmore Rotary Club.

Anyone can simply click on the link to Ticketsource https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/rotaryrugbydunsmore/e-oyzjyl and book a family space to see Santa on a specific date and time. A day or so before the due date, the family will receive the link to their meeting with Santa, simply click on it and they will be given access to Santa.

“We will host up to six families at a time during the 30/45 minute meeting so Santa can make sure each child has an opportunity ‘Talk to Santa’. And the wonderful thing is that any family can send the link to grandparents, aunts, uncles etc so the whole family – no matter where they are – can join in.” said Simon Maguire Club Secretary.

For less than £5 you secure a family a space to ‘Talk to Santa’, (see note*).

“As always Rotarians involved with the project are giving their time for free and we have secured financial sponsorship from Rugby First for which we are most grateful. All profits will be shared 50:50 amongst local charities and the Friends of St Cross 65th anniversary appeal” commented Kathryn Lawrence, Vice President of the Club.

Booking is available from https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/rotaryrugbydunsmore/e-oyzjyl from 9am on Thursday 12 November. Talk to Santa will be available on Saturdays & Sundays from 28th November until 20the Dec in hourly slots commencing from 2pm until 6pm.

* but for families struggling financially this Christmas there is a facility to book space for free.